Welcome To Lanet Primary School

Lanet Primary Sch is in Nakuru County (Nakuru East Constituency).

Lanet Primary Sch is a mixed day primary school.

Nearby schools:

  1. Kiamunyeki Academy Primary (134.46m)
  2. Nakuru East Primary Sch (184.15m)
  3. Lanet Secondary (554.84m)
  4. Mwalimu Mkuu Primary Sch (813.59m)
  5. Lanet Light House Academy Primary (953.10m)

Challenges In the school

Challenges facing the school

Inadequate clean drinking water. Old broken down insufficient furniture. Warn out classrooms floors Shattered …

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Message from the Headteacher

Welcome To Lanet Primary School I wish to acknowledge the staff,support staff,pupils of Mikeu Primary for their encouragement and support.

My …

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